I survey vessels: Sail or power, large or small.

     I represent YOU, the client! I don’t make decisions for you. I don’t sell boats to you. Nor do I attempt to convince you to buy. I will provide you with as much information about the vessel, its structure, equipment and operation so that YOU can make a decision as to whether YOU think it is a practical purchase for YOU.

     I spend the time needed to properly survey the vessel and help answer any questions you may have. I normally average 1 ½ hours per 10 feet of  vessel for survey, plus one hour for haul-out, plus one hour for sea-trial, plus any time YOU need to understand the issues during our after survey review. This means that a typical 40-foot vessel will normally average 6 to 10 hours of survey time. Obviously each survey varies.

     I do not connect specialized instruments to engines. Marine mechanics connect equipment to engines to verify their condition.

     Sails will be inspected as they are presented & prepared for inspection. No attempt to open sails, or remove them from their bags will be conducted by the surveyor. All Inspections of spars, rigging and sails are made from deck-level only. Additional inspections of sails and rigging can be performed by sail and rigging specialists.

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Certified Marine Surveyor - National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS)

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